Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some thoughts on the G-man

About 5 minutes ago, Grayson looked just like this and now somehow he is 6 with zero body fat. Grayson was born two days after we found out that Brian had cancer. He was like a little ray of sunshine and hope in a world that was so sad. Grayson is still that. He is just a happy guy! He makes us laugh all of the time with his jokes, impressions and faces. He is 150% boy and busy, busy, busy. He is just full on life. He is either going strong or asleep. You will rarely catch him in between. He has undying love for granola bars and could likely survive on them. He loves to play legos and make creations with tape. He loves to ride his bike and he was thrilled that he got a new bigger bike that looks like a motorcycle this morning. Grayson is full of life and adventure and is quick to laugh. I love that God gave me box seats for Grayson's life. Happy Birthday G! May this year be ER free!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweet little man!!

G-daddy and huna love you!

At the same time that we had gotten the devastating news about Bri, you came to shine your sweet face to your family. Thank you for being whoyou are and thank God for your life.