Sunday, March 06, 2011

Never dull

You know our lives are never really dull. As spring starts to peak around the corner, Grayson seems to have renewed energy. I am reminded that he is a crazy wild man who has been ER free for at least 6 months. I went to a baby shower this afternoon and Peter was with the kids. He was watching golf while the kids were playing. Lillian came up to him and said, "Umm, daddy we need you." Peter put her off for a few minutes to watch a putt. She got a little impatient, but not too upset. He finally said "Lillian, what's up?" "Well, Grayson is stuck in the laundry shoot. His ears are stuck." Peter jumps up and runs to the shoot. He sees the top of Grayson's head, his ears and one hand holding on. Peter said it was terrifying. He pulled him up and out by the one hand. He took Grayson to the front window and reminded him that we live on the second floor and that it is a long way to the basement. He also reminded him the the laundry shoot turns a few times. He told him he could have gotten REALLY stuck like call the fire department and have them saw a hole in the wall stuck. Grayson then began to cry. I'm glad it happened while I was away and that it took G until he was near 6 to give this a try as he is not too big to fit. Looks like we will be closing that up tomorrow. Really- I'm not sure that is on the child proofing list. I'll be asking my Aunt B when I go to Zachary for a visit next time if she knows we went down her laundry shoot a few times. I suppose they make them bigger now. Peter said he has always thought G new his limits. He is a boy after all... What do you expect?


amy said...

we had a laundry shoot growing up- it crossed our minds many times. mostly my sister and I tried to convince our brother to go down (sometimes it was more of a force). :)

good thing he never did- we were on the 3rd floor! :)

Lisa S. said...

I do not know if this is true or not, but I have heard this is why they no longer put laundry shoots in new houses! I'm glad he is alright.