Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So, where do you get bon-bons?

Somehow, we have managed to have the most wonderful summer ever as a family. The kids are both riding bikes and swimming beautifully. We don't nap and can buckle our own seat belts. We have reached a new level of all around independence and I have to say that I LOVE it. I mean babies are cute and all, but bike riders, swimmers and seat bucklers are beautiful. And this wonderful summer full of fun and laughter will end tomorrow morning about 8:20 with both kids in full-time school. That's right Grayson is going to kindergarten. I know, I thought I would have lost the baby weight by now, too. I always get a little choked up on the first day of school, but I'm just praying that the teacher is a good fit and that the kids are comfortable. We have met both of the kids' teachers this year and I feel really good about both of them.

Lillian is headed to 2nd grade. I really can not believe that. I mean she is totally just a kid now. She is about to be 8. Peter and I keep freaking out that she is about to be 8. She has made some kind of amazing transformation this summer. I really can't explain it other than to say that she has matured. For example, she is suddenly able to clean her room. I mean I don't know why that changed, but GREAT!

Grayson is finding himself a little nervous about kindergarten and said he hopes his teacher is nice. I explained that you have to be nice to be a kindergarten teacher. His teacher was super kind and sweet this afternoon and exactly what you think of when you think of young kindergarten teacher.

So, I need to find some stuff to do. I feel like the time will fill up with work and Bible study and exercise. Who knows maybe I'll clean the house for the first time in 8 years or loose the baby weight. For now, I'm sorry to tell this summer goodbye, but thrilled to see the kids moving on to exciting new adventures.


Lora said...

If you get bored, call me--I'll give you a LONG LIST of needs in the volunteer arena! I am BUSIER than ever!

Lisa S. said...

Lose the baby weight-HA! If I remember right you were wearing your wedding dress not too long ago?! I would never even be brave enough to try that one sister! I hope you fill your time by hanging out with me.