Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God is faithful to the prayers of a mother.

It appears to me and Peter that some sort of "click" has occurred in the last couple of days with Lillian. Suddenly she is reading and appears to like it. Reading has been a big struggle in her life and ours for the last few years. I have begged God to make it click. Sometimes His answers are not in my timing, but He answers none the less. I am optimistic that we have turned some corner that I don't understand. Her brain seems to have opened in a new way. I am so encouraged that she is suddenly loving reading and that my heavenly Father cares about the seemingly small things. In other amazing Lillian news, she jumped off the platform (15 foot high) at the pool tonight. This was another big thing she wanted to concur. It is fun to see Lillian exploding in news ways. What a privilege to sit back and watch her fly.


Lisa S. said...

I am so glad that God cares about the little things and makes things click when we least expect it! Way to go LIllian!

Sara D. said...

Great to hear, GO LILLIAN!! I have the same prayer when it comes to math, because it seriously threatens my relationship with Grace.