Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Lillian

Lillian is suddenly so very grown up. I'm literally standing around with my mouth open looking at her. I mean this both physically and mentally. Today, she wanted Subway for lunch. I was going to order a six inch for both kids. Lillian said, "Oh mom, I can eat at least a six inch by myself." She did eat all of it and then some of my lunch. I have no idea where it goes. I have just noticed this really sweet maturity setting in. This summer has really been the very best time with my kids. We feel like we should be freaked out that our "baby" is going to kindergarten, but in reality we can't believe Lillian is going to be turning eight and going to 2nd grade. Where did the time go?


Anonymous said...

Wow, the clothes I just sent will be too small for her, huh?

Beautiful Granddaughter!!! So very proud and thankful for you, Lillian. G-daddy and Huna truly love you with all our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melanie! I don't think I have a current email addy for you so I'm trying here... we're coming to LA this week and wanted to let you know on the off chance that you might be down visiting your Dad and would be too good to be true to get to see y'all!
I love keeping up with your family through the blog...
Lindsay :)