Monday, July 12, 2010

The diving board...

The diving board has been a favorite spot for all Maynors this summer except me. I did, however, do my token one jump for the summer off the high dive. I will occasionally jump off the low dive. I don't know any tricks so I just look like a dorky thirty something mom walking off the end. Lame I know. I do love watching my gang do lots of jumping from the boards.

Peter can do some dives and flips and such. We have discovered he is not quite as bendy as he was a few years ago. I think yoga may be in order. Sweet Lillian is working on diving. She is trying to get her nerve up. Her loyalties at the pool are mostly with the water slides. This is the first summer she is tall enough and she will usually do them no less than 25 times in a pool outing. She does love to just jump off the diving board. She seems to have no fear of the high dive and can easily swim the distance to the side. She looks super adorable in her skirted swim suit when she floats down from the high dive. Grayson has the most dedication to the diving board. He will occasionally do the high dive, but the longer swim wears him out quickly. He LOVES to do tricks off the low dive and will spend most of his pool time working on his tricks. He can currently do a cannonball, pencil, front flip, back flip, front dive and he is hard at work on a gainer. He is truly awesome from the diving board. For the most part he doesn't make me nervous other than to say that all people doing tricks make me nervous when they could hit their head. I really don't want to watch someone hit his head on the diving board especially not my kid.

You know where this all leads don't you? The G-man hit first his hands then head on the diving board this afternoon while doing a back flip. He says he didn't jump far enough out. Accidents happen. I knew he was on the board, but looked away for whatever reason when he jumped. I immediately heard the lifeguard blow her whistle long which means she is jumping in for someone. I could see Grayson swimming and ran for him. He made it to the side and then cried that he hit his head. The worst part was that all the lifeguards not sitting in a stand run out to help when something happens and of course the whole pool watches. There were at least 10 lifeguards. Poor kid. They asked if I wanted an ambulance because of the head injury. WHAT? How much does that cost? I said I thought he was totally fine. One incident report and a few snuggles later he was back in the pool. Peter and Lillian were at the water slide when it happened and he said he heard the whistle and "sensed in his spirit" it was Grayson.
Grayson said tonight that it was the one thing I was worried about and it happened. I told him we got it out of the way, so now he could keep on flipping.

In other Grayson keeps our lives interesting news, we got the bill for the little quarter ER run. It did not prove to be a $3000 dollar quarter as I was predicting. I will say however we have paid less for some of our cars. Easy come easy go. I am certainly glad he was okay on both counts.

I have been thinking about how all of the these blogs out there have a how to component and wondering what I could teach people to do should I want to write a how to blog. How to meet your deductible is the front runner at this point with how to maneuver the emergency room as a close second.


2WeeMonsters said...

I have to say, my heart sank a little when the title to this post came up in my google reader... I knew it had to involve Grayson. Thank God he's ok! Life will never be dull :)

Lisa S. said...

Wow! I bet your heart is still racing. I am so glad the G-man is alright. Maybe a break from the pool will be in order tomorrow! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You are a more patient mother than I was. I would get scared that something was going to hurt them, that I wanted to protect them too much -- although I'm sure they did more when I wasn't around.