Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer in the Lou?

So, I'm trying to get organized for the summer. Shocking I know! What do you do for fun in the summer? Those of you that live in the Lou, what are the summer must do activities or free activities? I'm all over the pool, but other than that I need some tips. Also, drop off any brilliant mommy tips for fun or the day that are helpful. For anyone else, what is a favorite summer activity from your childhood? I loved snow cones and reading all day.


Lisa S. said...

Well, I already gave you 2 tips earlier today on the phone, but I have more! U city library is having a lego building day so look at their website for lots of fun late afternoon activities. CPC also has movie nights in July. We are always up for the free concerts at Mo history museum. We also need to do the boat house soon. I am a bit panicked about the summer. I do think having a plan is half the battle. And lots of running with me and a vacation are absolutely in order!!

amy said...

hiking is one of our favorites! elephant rocks is a great day trip. powder valley is close and so is babler.

there are also free kids concerts at Tower Grove Park once a week. Christan and I used to take the kids when they were small- although it's for school age kids.

the art museum has kid activities too.

I hear some really cool family has a great water slide. you can stop in when they aren't home and use it :)

Tirzah said...

i really like the new blog look Melanie.