Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

A nod to my friend Amy, who made this suggestion on her blog, today.

Ten Things that make me happy!
1. SNOW!!!! It is so beautiful!
2. Sleep
3. Fabric
4. Lillian's outfits and beautiful artistic creations
5. Peter freaking out over LOST
6. Peter taking the dog out when it is freezing.
7. Running- never want to go, but LOVE it when I do.
8. Bubble bathes
9. Country music
10. Rocking my near 5 year old to sleep, today. He is sick and snugglie. The sick part is no good, but I love the snuggle time.


amy said...

lillian's clothing taste always make me smile. love that girl!

Andi said...

i love this! off to make my list. it's been a while since i've updated my blog...