Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crack up!

Lillian did a little trim work on her hair this week. First time in seven years, I find that shocking. " I really wants bangs..." Now she has a few. A quote of her pleading her case...

Lillian: Mama, everyone in our family has bangs...You, daddy, Grayson. (as she pulls her hair apart to reveal her forehead) My head is just empty!

Grayson and I just fell out laughing. She joined us when she realized what she said.


Mommy slip up. Sometimes it happens to the best of us. It may happen to me more than the average mommy. Sometimes what I am thinking just comes right out of my mouth without a filter.

Me: Lillian what did you have for hot lunch at school?
Lillian: Orange Sherbet and Tuna melt
Me: Oh gross! (gagging noise)
She looked bewildered and then started laughing.
Lillian: It really wasn't that good, mama. Would you eat that if you went to someone's house for dinner and they served it?
Me: (Two times in a row.) NO!

For the record, tuna is about the only thing in the world I hate other than milk. And I would probably try to eat it if forced.

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