Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Our friends, the Pearsons, moved to Princeton, NJ earlier this summer. It has been a transition with ups and downs. I have been talking to my friend Genna frequently and trying to encourage her. She is doing great, but needed a little TLC. I talked to her husband a few weeks back and we decided that I would fly out for a weekend as an early birthday gift to Genna. Not telling her seemed to make it a better idea. It was hard for me to keep it a secret for weeks, but I did.

On Friday, I flew out and Matthew took Genna on a date. I was supposed to meet them at a restaurant to surprise her. Well, I was delayed and things got a little crazy. Matthew made up lots of stories and such, but had to head home at 11. I rolled up in the parking lot of their apartment with my cabbie just as they were getting home. Genna was totally surprised! It was so wonderful! We all had a great weekend. Matthew and Genna showed me all around Princeton and told me all about it. Abby showed me her life. We ate, we drank coffee and we quilted. We finished the top and backing of our friendship quilts. Genna and I started two quilts exactly the same about a year and a half ago. We will each get to keep one. The quilts will be quilted by a lady in NJ then we will bind them. We are thrilled to be finished.

It was a wonderful weekend. I love being with Genna and her family. It was great to see her new life. Being with Genna is always good for my soul. She knows me very well and loves me none the less. I hope our husbands are going to let us keep these girl weekends up. It was fun.

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Lisa S. said...

I am so glad you had a good time. I am sure Genna felt so special that you made the trip. You are a great friend and girls weekends are a must with long distance friends. The quilts look great!