Monday, August 10, 2009

Just one minute

At bedtime, Grayson still seemed to be firing at 100%. The kid is all boy. After playing really hard all day with his sister and cousins, he was still on the move. He had lobbied for some time to jump on my bed before crawling in his own bed. He loves to jump on my bed and do tricks. So, as I finally get him to his bed, he asks me to snuggle him for just one minute. I was thinking it would be much longer, but we snuggled up and he was out in a minute or less. There is not a lot of in between with the G-man. I'll admit that I snuggled for longer than a minute. His skin is still so soft, cool and sweet. And while he is a snuggly kid he is in a no kissing phase. So, I got my time in and kissed his face. As we were getting dressed for bed I asked him if he was going to miss me when he is in school three whole days a week. "No!" I said that I was going to miss him and that it was going to be very quiet. He replied, "You can just call me or something at school or go to the movies with daddy." My baby is growing up at a rapid pace. He started jumping off the high dive at the pool and he'll be off to Junior Kindergarten next week. I am so thankful he will still let me snuggle him for one minute.

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