Thursday, August 20, 2009

1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Lillian and Grayson. They were both really excited. Lillian will be a full-time first grader and Grayson will be going to JK three full days a week. I really can't believe they are so big. Peter was able to go along this morning for the first drop off. We were loaded with school supplies. I think they were both a wee nervous, but did great. I was a little choked up, but no tears. It was really quick. I mean we barely got a picture in 1st grade. They were all business.

I picked them both up at 3:20. I think school was a hit. Lillian did say that 1st grade would be hard, but she really liked it. She loves her teacher and was very happy to see her friends. Grayson's teacher reported that Grayson is very funny and adjusted no problem. He had a blast! You will see him here pictured with his best bud Jack. My best bud Andrea and I are thrilled the boys are in the same class. I am hoping this will be a great year!

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Andi said...

that pic of jack & G is so sweet. when i asked jack who he played with today he said, "just Grayson. there were lots of new friends, but I like playing with Grayson." i'm very glad they're in the same class!