Monday, March 09, 2009

Westward Expedition '09

As usual, Peter has delivered again in the creativity department. A few weeks ago, Peter started looking for a 1st generation 4-runner. A 1st generation 4-runner has a hard top that comes off and you can put on a soft top or go topless (sorry that was too easy). The initial search was local. Then local to our families. Then nation wide. Wow! I suggested that he look near our friends Matthew and Genna, if it was going to be nationwide. Low and behold, there was the "perfect" truck about 15 minutes from them. Matthew test drove it and then made the purchase for Peter. So, this Spring break we will be flying to California to see the Pearsons for a long weekend. Then loading up the Maynor four for the expedition home in the 1987 4-runner. We are perhaps shockingly excited. We can't wait to see our dear friends. The kids are counting the days. We are also really looking forward to the long trip home. We are hoping for some adventure and some sight seeing and some fun. We are also hoping for an indoor pool.

Some have suggested that we are crazy to drive from California home with a six and three year old. I figure, even if it stinks, I'll get a great blog out of it. It is a recipe for memories. We will no doubt have fun and some trials, but hey isn't that what family vacations are supposed to be about? So, if you have any great road trip activities or suggestions. Bring them on. If you want to contribute something fun and light to entertain my kids. Bring it on. If you have any sightseeing suggestions, we would love them. We will be driving from Scaramento thru Salt Lake City thru Cheyenne, Wyoming thru Nebraska and on to St. Louis. Clearly, there will be many places in between.

So, we will be headed out in about a week and a half. We are so excited! And I am really thankful that Peter thinks outside of the box and that the 4-runner happened to be where one of my BFF's lives.


Davina Perret said...

I've done that drive many times! Camp at Tahoe is the weather is good (I think you said the summer?) Tahoe is awesome. There is no where to stop in Wy except 3 major towns, so be prepared:) One of the guys in our church has one of the old 4 runners as well. You could have driven out here!

Tirzah said...

Its true about WY it is a bit empty. Dont let anybody tell you are crazy. I started that drive when I was 3 months old. It has always been one of my favorites. So excited for you!