Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sweet Lillian

It is clear that Lillian is the life of our household party. She woke with a fever this morning. Poor kid. She is in pretty good spirits, but napped and has been quiet. Too quiet! It is true that Lillian's voice is the music of my house and I miss it when it is not here. She is already gone to school so much and now to be quiet on a weekend. So, sad.

Peter is also feeling yucky and at one point he back to bed. I encouraged Lillian to go rest with him. Grayson tagged along. I was reading on the couch. I assumed Peter would call me to shoo them out, so he could rest. All was quiet. I went and checked. Lillian and Peter were sound asleep in my bed and Grayson had climbed in his bed and gone to sleep. So, I read for about two hours. Nice!

They are all watching a movie on the laptop, so it is back to reading for me. Have a great weekend!


Lora said...

Those times of quiet are few and far between-enjoy your read & hopefully all will feel better tomorrow.

Jenn said...

Chase said Lillian was still sick today. So sorry. Hope she feels better soon! Whatcha reading?