Thursday, March 12, 2009

High Fiber!

It seems that we live in a high fiber world.  Everywhere you look foods are telling you how much fiber they contain.  Apparently, the only thing on our minds should be our fiber intake.  It makes you feel more full.  You "go" more regularly.  It seems that the whole world is telling us to be regular.  "It's good.  It's healthy!"  If you don't want to eat it at every meal, you can always go with the trusty colon cleanse.  This isn't my style, but I am related to more than one person who is pro-colon cleanse.  And honestly, I eat a ton of fiber and I am regular.  And we all know that Grayson poops frequently because he only likes fiber rich foods.  Every good thing has it's limit and today I found it.  There are just some situations that do not call for whole wheat/fiber filled flour.  Some things are not created to be healthy.  On that note, I will leave you with my thought for the day.  "Cinnamon rolls should not make you go poo."  


cagedwisdom said...

This is the most insightful thing I have heard all week. I'm going to sit on the toilet and think about this some more.

Andi said...