Monday, March 30, 2009

G-love and Truck Love!

We enjoyed celebrating Grayson, today.  He was the star at school.  He brought chocolate rice krispy treats and his new shark for show and tell.  He got to make a birthday necklace and wear a birthday hat and got a birthday sticker.  Both of his parents came to school for a while.  We went to his favorite playground when Lillian got home and then had blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and candles.  We topped it off with ice cream.  Yummy!  It was low key and fun.  The big party is Saturday.  It is all about bikes!  

In other news, Peter took the top off the 4-runner.  If you thought he was in love with it before, look out.  It is pretty awesome if you ask me.  We got to go to the playground in it.  He has only let me drive it once for a short distance.  I'm hoping to steal it when he isn't looking.

More trip pictures to come when I kick this stinkin' cold.

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