Monday, December 22, 2008

Mel and G

Mel and G
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Today was my birthday and I got pampered by my family. I worked this morning and hit the grocery store. We then headed to an indoor ice skating rink for our first skating outing as a family. Well, I am older than the last time I skated some 10 years ago. It is hard to hold someone up and skate when you can't really skate yourself. Thankfully, they had these walkers like you see in the picture. We all had a great time. Our two new family friends joined us, the Smouts and Boucheins. It was really fun. We came home for ice cream cake as a family and I was surprised by my friend Andrea and her family. We had lots of fun and I got some new jewelry from Peter and the kiddos. If you are keeping up with the Andrea baby saga, unless she births a kid in the next two hours it will not come on my birthday. I was glad she got to spend it with me and not in the hospital. Now, bring on the baby! I had a great birthday. Oh, ya... They made me breakfast in bed. It was a wonderful day.


Lora said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY-glad you had a wonderful day-all active time Mommies deserve a good birthday!

Tirzah said...

Happy birthday dear friend. I am sorry I didnt call monday. Happy Happy birthday.

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday woman!!!! Glad it was a good one.