Friday, December 12, 2008

Girl's Night Out and G's Star Day

A while back, I read that COCA, the local arts studio, was having a ballet targeted to children. One of the dreams I have had since I had a little girl was to go to shows with her. This was one of the first. I, of course, called this morning to get tickets. It was sold out. I was first on the wait list if someone no showed. So, Lillian and I dressed up and went to dinner at her favorite restaurant, Saleems ("Where Garlic is King!"). We had feta, kalamata olives, pita, falafel, salad and Lillian had grapefruit juice. She declared the juice, "Yuck". It was tart. Anyway, it is a super yummy and fun restaurant on the Loop. We headed to COCA and I begged the lady to let us in. Well, we got two tickets in the back corner and the ballet was AWESOME! It was The Little Dancer Goes Around the World. Basically, the ballerina learns to dance from lots of different people from around the world and dances with them. We traveled to places like the Ivory Coast, Argentina, China, the North Pole, New York City, Oklahoma, Scotland, St. Louis, etc. It was beautiful and fun and we loved it. We decided this will be a standing Christmas date to COCA for the holiday performance. Lillian was so fun and seemed very grown up, but she did ask to sit in my lap for most of the performance just to snuggle. I loved that, too.

The boys stayed home and G told me that Peter made him deviled eggs and he ate four. Deviled eggs are his new favorite thing. Thanks to the chickens we can keep him supplied. G also had his "star day" at school, today. He got to be the leader all day and bring something for show and tell. He brought a firetruck. Peter went for the last part of the day to hang out with him. He loved that. He came home and took a nap for the second day in a row in his tunnel. So, cute.

Happy Birthday wishes to my Dad! Grayson is super sad that he is missing your birthday party even though you aren't actually having one.

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Jenn said...

What a fun night. I also can't wait until I can do that with Sabrina!