Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Sista and Willa!

Today is my sister's birthday and it would have been great fun to spend the day with her. She was on my mind all day and in my prayers. Melissa is a great sister and truly one of my very favorite people. She makes me laugh very, very hard. She tells me the truth even when it hurts like "girl the blonde hair needs to go". I would seriously be in a world of trouble if my sister didn't keep me on track. She is a very comforting person and is great when you need to relax or focus. Melissa isn't perfect, but she is usually the first person to tell you that. We have had many, many great times over the years and I have many sweet memories. My prayer is that God will give us many, many more.

So, I talked to her at 7 a.m. for a quick Happy Birthday this morning. She was at the hospital with her running buddy and close friend, Wendra. Wendra was being induced with her baby, today. Melissa was set to be a doula of sorts along with Wendra's husband for the birth of their daughter. So, Melissa assisted Wendra and John for the day. And I prayed like a mad dog for all of them. And at 2:05 this afternoon Willa Grace was born. Melissa called full of joy and excitment to say that Willa was beautiful and Wendra did great. And she had cried with pure joy. Anyway, I can think of no better way for my sweet Melissa to spend her birthday. Willa, you have already captured her heart and I promise she will love you always.

So, Happy, Happy Birthday Melissa and Willa! And Wendra you are a Rock Star!

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Lora said...

Makes me want a sister. Such a special blessing & gift!