Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tooth Fairy is Coming!

Lillian lost her first tooth, tonight! She is so excited and so are we. She asked our friend Nancy to pull it at church, tonight, and it popped right out. I had tried earlier. Frankly, the pulling my kid's tooth thing gives me the creaps. Thankfully, Peter got home before she was asleep to see it. So, she knows there isn't really a tooth fairy, but she put it under her pillow and is hoping for a surprise. I am scrambling to make a tooth fairy pillow. Peter is planning to give her 50 cents and a piece of candy. Not sure candy is good for the new teeth, but it is fun anyway. We don't have any candy and Peter is headed to the gas station to grab some. He will NEVER go out to get a treat even when I was very pregnant. I guess we know who has his number. She is growing up. It is so fun!


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I LOVE the excitement written all over her face in these 2 pictures! How cool!