Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh boy!

Grayson's very, very sweet teacher walked him to the car, yesterday, and let me know in the kindest words that he had misbehaved. She had to take away his lunch tray because he was blowing bubbles to the point of overflowing his chocolate milk. He also slung pudding on a friend across the table. My response: He started a food fight? Hers: Yes

Sadly, I thought this was hilarious and couldn't wait to call and tell Peter. That may be why my child is starting food fights at school. I kind of envy Grayson's zest for life. I've always wanted to start a food fight and have been too afraid. I didn't tell him I thought it was funny and I will be working on table manners.


amy said...

you go grayson!!!

2WeeMonsters said...

LOL! Me, too! I mean, what looks more fun that pudding slung at your friend?!?!