Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Cake!

Last night, we celebrated Lillian's six birthday, early. It was a Balloon Glow party. We met several friends/families at Forest Park and had picnics. We played and opened lots of fun presents. We have been doing art projects all day. Lillian will be well supplied for a while. We are having so much fun playing ponies and doing art. After presents, we ate cake. I think the cake turned out super cute. I think of what I want it to be and Peter makes it happen. I had very little to do with this other than baking the cake and mixing icing colors.

After cake, Lillian shared party favor bags with each family. We loaded them with popcorn and lots of fun glow in the dark stuff. Once everyone started glowing, we watched the hot air balloon glow. They have all of the balloons on the field and they fire them up all at the same time. It is really beautiful. Starr, Emma and our family were the only ones to stay until the bitter end. The grand finale was a firework show. It was great and the kids got to stay up until 10pm. It was a great birthday party. Lillian had lots of fun and so did we.

The year she was born, we saw the hot air balloons on Friday and Saturday. On Monday I was induced and Tuesday morning Lillian was born. So, the hot air balloons will be forever connected with Lillian's birthday. It is a sweet memory to me and I am secretly hoping she will have more hot air balloon parties. Check out more party pics on flickr.


Lora said...

What sweet memories you are making.

Andi said...

it was a great party! i'd never seen the glow, so i was very glad to be "forced" to go!