Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday Breakfast Destination

Lillian came home mid-day yesterday with a fever and slight tummy ache. She has been in good spirits, but has to be fever free for twenty-four hours before heading back to school. So, this morning we dropped Grayson at school and decided to celebrate her birthday. She was a little sad she couldn't take cupcakes and celebrate with her friends. We decided a crepe might be just the ticket to turning six and needing a celebration. We both had super yummy crepes and ate almost all of them. We talked, laughed and watched the birds.

After breakfast, we headed home. We decided to watch the video Peter made of her from birth to age 14 months. It was really fun and sometimes funny. She was thrilled to see Max and Abby again as babies. There was even footage of the grandparents and great-grandparents, including Peter grandparents who have passed away. She was really happy to see Uncle Brian enjoying her the day she was born and all dressed up with Aunt Susan for her first birthday. They came as a lion and a mouse. Anyway, it was fun to see people we miss because they have gone home or live far away. It was also fun to see our house and ourselves six years ago.

I really can't believe she is six. When I watched the video, it seems like such a short time ago. I am really glad that today was filled with crepes and movies, rather than giving birth. Lillian is such a treasure to me and it is really hard to remember life without her. She is definitely a light in our house. So, Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Lillian. I'm kind of glad you were sick, today.


Lora said...

God's little gift to you-a fever.

2WeeMonsters said...

What a sweet way to celebrate the day of! I'm glad you all had some quiet mama-daughter time! Happy Birthday, Lillian!

Emily H. said...

What a sweet post.

Jane-Ellis said...

Happy Birthday, Lilian! I hope you are feeling better.