Friday, August 08, 2008

While the cat is gone, the mice will play.

While I was away visiting my sister for the Tri weekend, Peter let Grayson jump off the diving board at the pool. You have to be able to swim to the side unassisted and your parents can not be in the pool waiting for you. Lillian who is nearly six just started jumping off the diving board this summer. Both kids made great strides in the swim lessons this summer and Grayson is swimming all around without the floatie swimsuit now. He spends all of his time at the pool jumping off the side. He can do all sorts of tricks including a complete flip from standing on the side. It is really awesome! He taught some big kids how to do it the other day. A couple of days ago the lifeguard told him he couldn't do any more flips off the side. So sad. I guess it isn't all that safe.

So yesterday the pool was just about empty, and the kids were just jumping off the diving board over and over. Grayson got warmed up and did an amazing dive off the board. All the people in the deep end including the lifeguard cheered for him. Then he went back up and did a flip off the diving board. What the heck? He is three. It was so awesome. He got lots of cheers for the flip. He did a second one when our friends showed up. I am convinced he will be in the Olympics. I mean, he won't poop on the potty, but he can do a flip off the diving board.

I will leave you with a couple of quotes from the G-man:

M: Grayson, when you poop on the potty it is really cool.
G: No mama, you think it is really cool when I poop on the potty and I think it is really cool when I poop in my pants.

M: Grayson, did you poop in the potty? (He was sitting on it)
G: Yeah, you just can't see it.


shmaynor said...

He's brilliant.

Lora said...

HOW FUNNY! Sounds like a "CONTROL THING" to me-but YOU have all the training! As for the diving-encourage the "Little Fish" and it can be a life long exercise pursuit.

A&A Maynor said...

That is amazing! A true talent. I agree that ya'll should encourage and pursue this talent. Although, I am not entirely suprised. I remember Peter was very good at doing flips and diving, but not as early as 3. Like father like son.
-Uncle Andy

PS. Happy Birthday week, Pete!