Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mommy Stars

You know all of the mommy stars have alined and it will be a good day when the sample at Sam's is ice cream, an oreo and nuts on top. Glory!

Quote for the day from Lillian: Wasn't Jesus born in Birmingham? (Peter's parents live there.)
Sounds so close.

A word from the G man: I would really like a dog for my birthday, mama. Can I have one?
(Melt my heart. A little boy and a dog would be oh so sweet, but I think we have enough animals for, now. I bet you a dollar Peter buys that boy a dog in the next year.)

A quote from Peter for kicks. I said, "Put your plate in the dishwasher.": You mean I bought you a dishwasher after seven years of marriage and I have to load it, too. " He smiled. (I said, "I'm not your mama. Put the soap in and start it, too." I will not be won over by his good looks.)


Andi said...

why can they never put their plates in the dishwasher? if grayson gets a puppy jack will be over every single day.

Lora said...

TOO FUNNY! We have enjoyed being with your family this week! Such a sweet sweet family! Aren't you fortunate!