Saturday, June 28, 2008

Word on the Street

What is going on around here? Well, a lot of time at the pool. We have been swimming and swimming and going through lots of sandwiches and snacks. Lillian continues to grow at rapid pace. She tied her shoes for the 1st time this week. It takes a lot of hard work for her, so she isn't up to 100% of the time. She also jumped off the diving board at the pool. This made her very excited and happy. She jumped about 30 times yesterday. Grayson continues to pee on the floor occassionally and poop in his pants often. When will it end???? Anyway, we are enjoying the summer and seeing lots of friends at the pool and such.

In other news, the fifteen chicks have moved to the backyard. Nice! They seem to be thriving and are ready to go to other homes. Call me! Peter remains quirky and in love with the chickens.

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Lora said...

From the Beach-
Glad for PT udate! This too shall pass-literally!