Wednesday, June 04, 2008


God has blessed me abundantly! We have 75 donations for the Race for the Cure and 7 official prayer warriors. I can not even believe it. Not long ago I did not think we would get to 60. I am so thrilled with the outcome and my faith has grown. I may tell some of the stories of the different people who have signed up. Obviously, mom's legacy continues. Thank you! This Friday is her actual 60th birthday and I think the day will be very joyous for me. My sister and my Aunt Barbara (my mom's sister) will be making the trek up from Zachary to Race with me. God is so sweet. I know it will be a day that I always treasure. Interestingly, my Aunt asked if she could sign up my kiddos for the Race and I said "Of course". It ended up that my kiddos were the 59th and 60th people to be signed up. How precious that my Lillian Joan (my mom's namesake) was number 60. I don't believe for a minute that was an accident. God loves the details.


Lora said...

HOW WONDERFUL! I am with you-a DEFINITE GOD THING! Enjoy my FAVORITE FRIEND this weekend. I will be thinking of you all as we run our LONG HOT run Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I love you Melanie.