Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The G man weighed in at 30lbs at the three year check up. He is up 1.5lbs from the two year check up. He was 37 inches tall. He is on track to be about 5'10". All looked to be fine. She was impressed that he is riding a bike rather than a tricycle even though the bike has training wheels. Other than that, he is totally normal. He does seem bigger and is testing the limits more now that he is three.

Just for kicks he put a golden raisen up his nose this morning. He told me it was there and I looked. It was hard to see and looked a lot like the sort of stuff that is normally there. I covered one nostril and told him to blow. It shot out on the second round of this. The doctor told him that we only put things in our mouths, not our ears or noses. So, I'm sure he'll put something in his ear any day now.


Perret Party of Four said...

Melanie-I finally found your blog. Thanks for your comment about etsy. Another friend left me the same comment! I'm going to post some stuff on there this weekend. Hope y'all are doing well.

Tirzah said...

Rob put a mac and cheese noodle in in nose the other day and thought it was soo funny. Me not so much.