Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shout out and Spring Break!!!

Well, let me start with a big shout out to my nephew, Max. He is six, today. I can not believe it. He is such a sweet, loving little guy. I am so thankful that God put him in my life. Happy Birthday, Maxers!!!

Spring Break! Well, the kids had their last day of school and now it is Sring Break. It looks like spring here, today. We are very excited because our friends Genna, Abby and Noah are flying in tonight for a week of fun. Genna and I are planning to start two new quilts. Yikes! We are going to have two sewing machines going. With four kids between us, it may be tricky to get it done. It will be lots of fun anyway.

So, I am excitd about Easter, spring and birthday season. This is Maynor Birthday season. All three of the boy cousins have their birthday's in the next month. It provides for lots of celebrating and cake. Yum!

Hope it is as beautiful today at your house as it is at mine! Also, thanks for the sweet feedback on my last post. I believe it is the most I have ever gotten. Many of you commented to me personally on it. I am thankful that you choose to participate in my journey.

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