Monday, January 21, 2008


Saturday night, I got in bed with Grayson and rubbed his back and sang a song. He said, "My want Lillian to sing to me and rub my back." I asked Lillian and she readily agreed. Peter and I were cooking in the kitchen and could hear her singing to him. It was the sweetest thing. She walked out closed his door and that was it. We didn't have to do anything more.

In other news, I think is about 3 degrees here. I don't really know the temp except to say that it is very cold and if I could figure out how to have my groceries delivered I would. I do not like the cold weather. I have asked Peter if we could head to Mexico a couple of times. I think he may think that I am kidding. I am not.

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A&A Maynor said...

Come down to warm Tampa for a few days! Cheaper then going all the way to Mexico.