Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, my heart's good!

Do you ever worry about having something wrong with you that you are totally unaware of? I sometimes just want to be scanned and hear, "It's all good." I learned, recently, that it is called an executive physical. You can apparently pay big money for someone to tell you you're good. I found a free way while preparing dinner in the comfort of my own home this evening. The kids were playing in Lillian's room and I was getting dinner on the table (Peter was a work.). I heard a huge crash from the back of the house, the kind that sends you running. As I'm running, I hear Lillian screaming in terror. I arrive to find Grayson 100% under Lillian's dresser with drawers coming out. I really, really thought he might be dead or at least badly injured. Lillian was also screaming that she was hurt. I had to lift the dresser and drag Grayson out. He was alert with no blood, but silent. Silent didn't seem good. As I held him, he started to cry, but it was several minutes before he could say if anything way hurt. His eye was clearly hurt with a bump under the eye. After a little while, he perked up and started climbing again. Lillian was hit with the falling dresser in the arm and foot. She was okay, but very freaked out by the incident.

To be honest, I am still freaked out by the incident. It shows you how things can change drastically in an instant. I often worry about getting all sorts of things done around the house in a day, but sometimes say, "In truth, if everyone is alive at the end of the day. I did a good job." I hope I can keep those two relatively safe until adulthood. It is a full time job. I hope I can keep myself alive until they are adults. I am clear that my heart is in good condition because, otherwise, I would have had a heart attack, tonight. I really think I should seriously consider the helmet for Grayson's Christmas present. I don't think I'll be able to keep him from climbing. The dresser incident maybe slowed him down for thirty minutes.

This all leads me back to the sucker (lollipop) thing. The first time I took Lillian to the doctor was about a week or two after her birth. I hadn't taken her out much and definitely not alone. I got there on time and only forgot the diaper bag in the car. The nurse just said to take a seat. I felt like it was this huge thing and she didn't even acknowledge it. As Lillian got older and Grayson came along, I noticed that the kids get suckers for getting a shot, stitches, and all sorts of things. I don't want to be a jerk, but who really needs a sucker after something like that. (The mom!) I'm thinking about about getting myself a sucker jar for days like today, when I get to the end of the day. Somedays I just think... 'You dealt with some hard stuff like dressers on your kid and you still had to cook dinner, read books and put them to bed. Girl you deserve a sucker!'

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Christine Gordon said...

Could it be a vodka tonic jar? Or a Ben and Jerry's jar? Maybe that's over the top. Maybe not.