Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Day of JK

Back at it. It seems that the lazy days of summer break are over and school has begun. I love the first day of school. Lillian has been a little nervous, but did great this morning. Grayson wanted to be in on the action and wore his backpack, too. Lillian looked so cute in a plaid jumper Bill and Maryhelen gave her. She just ran in and spoke very little to us after that. She only spoke to me long enough to ask when the grown ups were leaving. All in all, she did great. Grayson and I were a little sad and lost without the constant Lillian noise in the background. I got a little choked up a couple of times, but mainly I was really excited for her. Peter was home in time to the 1st afternoon carpool with us. Lillian was full in info about two recesses, two snacks, lunch, the hermit crabs, fish and guinnea pig. She had rest time next to her new friend Knox. I guess she is over Herbie. It is really fun to see how big and responsible she is getting. She has been doing an excellent job with making her bed and keeping her room clean. She even helped Grayson make his bed this morning. I keep telling her she seems more and more like she is about to be five. She did say at bedtime that she asked Mrs. Burzinski when they would learn to read. Mrs. Burzinski said they would start working on that next week. She is very ready to learn to read.

Well, I lost my internet connection and thought I had lost this post. In the mean time, Mrs. Burzinski called. When I saw her name on the caller ID, I freaked out. It didn't seem good to get a call from the teacher the 1st day. Well, she was just calling to say it went great. Lillian had a great day. So, she won my affection and Lillian's on the 1st day.


Tirzah said...

Way to go Lillian!

Aunt Amanda said...

Wow! They are growing up so fast. Way to go Lillian! We miss you all. Can wait to see you in Sept.

Andi said...

I think it's cool that her teacher called on the 1st day, just to say it was a good day. I can't believe she's going to be learning to read!