Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, G-daddy!

I was putting Grayson down tonight and the following conversation occured.
G: Lay down, mama! Lay down!
M: Do you want me to sing to you?
G: Yeah
M: (I start to sing....)
G: NO! G-daddy sing
M: You want G-daddy (Peter's dad) to sing?
G: Yeah
M: Well, G-daddy isn't here buddy, but he will be in a couple of weeks. Do you want him to sing then?
G: Yeah (laughes a lot)
We had a good laugh thinking about G-daddy singing G to sleep. Practice up, Bill. We are looking forward to some tunes from you. Happy, Happy Birthday. What could be better than your grandson wanting you to sing him to sleep?


shmaynor said...

What a little dude!

G-daddy said...

G, that's the best birthday present I could imagine. I'll see you soon.