Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Race for the Cure 2007

Here are some photos from the St. Louis Race for the Cure. My friend , Lisa, and I took her girls and my kids to the race. We walked the 5k. I think it was 86 degrees, nonetheless, hot and hard to push a double stoller. There were over 65,000 people at the race. St. Louis has one of the top three largest races in the country. It was really a great experience. Lisa lost her mom to breat cancer, when she was 18. Her mom was only 40. Our stories are very similar and her Emma and our Lillian are classmates and friends. It is really neat that God crossed our paths, as neither of us know too many people with our story. I believe my Savior loves to show his mercy in details like that. It was good to be with someone who "got it" for the race.

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mhm said...

That was the story of my neice Wendy -- instead it was her son who was just about to enter college. Wendy had a brain tumor that couldn't be healed and Price had to enter college. Anyway, Wendy was diagnosed a couple of months about Brian was, and whereas, Brian went to heaven in Nov. 2005, Wendy went in July 2006. I think they blogged each other some.