Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pina CoLaLas and Sweet Thoughts

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Since she died, I try to do something to celebrate her on her birthday. I am usually not too sad on that day, but mostly able to focus on what I loved about her. I use it as a day to really focus on passing on her legacy to the children. We often make a cake and have a special event. This year we are all doing VBS this week and a bit tired and busy. Yesterday, the kids and I decided to join the pool and go out for snow balls. I have great memories of swimming and then going to the snow ball stand with my mom. Our favorite flavor was pina colada. The kids and I went to the snow ball stand. I got my trusty pina colada, G strawberry and Lillian watermelon. Strawberry is blood red and perhaps not what you give a two year old. He had it all over me and him. On the way to the pool, Lillian said I think pina colala is going to be my favorite, too. I am certain they will always be called that. So cute.

As we drove to the pool, we talked about Grandma Joan...
L: Mama, do they have birthday parties in heaven?
M: I don't know sweetie. What do you think?
L: I think they have great birthday parties in heaven because all of the balloons from the world float up to heaven and there are tons of balloons. And birthday parties in the world are great, but Jesus isn't there. In heaven, Jesus always comes to your birthday party.

On a different note, my bedtime chat with G.
G: Daddy work?
M: Yes, daddy is still at work. Do you miss him?
G: No. Daddy's truck?
M: Daddy's truck is at work, too. Do you miss daddy's truck?
G: Yeah

Grayson may love trucks more than his parents. For now, it is still cute. As you can see, my day was full of treasures. And I missed my mom a little, but I was mostly thankful that over time my heart just misses her and isn't mad at her for dying or God for allowing it. When Grayson had that snowball all over him, I wished she had been there laughing with us. I have a lot of faith that one day she will meet my two favorite little people and there will be lots of balloons and Jesus. What could be better than that?


Andi said...

thanks for this post. i think i read it 5 times & smiled every time.

Tirzah said...

What a great image. I love your love for those crazy kids.