Monday, May 07, 2007

Hunting Season?

We received the following message from our babysitter Friday night while at my friend Christy's rehearsal dinner.

"Mr. Maynor, this is Leah. Please call me back as soon as possible. There is a squirrel in Lillian's room."

What in the world? Some how Leah got Lillian to sleep in her room. I should have paid her more. She was pretty confident that the squirrel was no longer in there. Well, the squirrel left some presents around the house while we were gone to the wedding. We have not seen any evidence since then, so we think he moved out of our apartment. The children walked around with belts Saturday morning saying they were going to lasso the squirrel.

Today, I spotted the squirrel in the stairwell to the basement. Later, I had to go back down for something and I told Lillian for them to stay in the kitchen and not to open the door. They did. As I was coming back up the stairs and they were standing in the kitchen door, we both saw the squirrel. He was trapped on the stairs between us. Lillian and Grayson were screaming. I was very startled and yelled. "Close the door, quick." The squirrel was kind of freaking out. I ran out of the basement door and to the front door of my house to get to the kids. The door was locked and I had to ring the door bell until they let me in. Then we just all started laughing about how crazy that was. Lillian wants to catch the squirrel for a pet.

I have a feeling my man will be putting on some camo, tomorrow. I seriously used to think being a stay at home mom might be dull.

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Andi said...

it's a good thing peter's a hunter!!!