Saturday, May 19, 2007


Some comments that cracked me up in the last couple of days from the peanut gallery.

1. L: Mama, you kinda look like Cinderella. (I'm thinking awesome!) You are always carrying around dirty clothes.

2. L: Mama, You are always working and daddy is always playing. (I was probably having too much joy in that comment before I remembered it was 6:45 on a Saturday and my husband was already at work.)

3. Amelia (Lillian's friend from school) The girls were all dressed up like princesses for a princess tea party this morning. I was taking them to the birthday party.

M: You girls look beautiful!
A: No, we look darling and you just kind of look like a mama.

4. G: Poopy!
M: Grayson, do you have a poopy diaper?
G: No, Lillian. (laughes)
We think this may have been his first joke. We all laughed including Lillian.

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Andi said...

love the new photos! lillian sleeping on her floor cracked me up.