Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where are the Maynors?

Many may be wondering if I will blog again. We have been busy with a trip to Nashville this past weekend for our friend Andrew's wedding. It was a wonderful event and Peter looked very nice in his black suit. We came home very late Saturday night to wake up to sick kids on Sunday. Grayson has had pink eye and a cold. Lillian has an ear infection with temps as high as 103. We seem to be on the upswing, today. She is praying that she will be well enough to return to school on Friday for her long awaited Star day. She has told me multiple times this week that she misses "her girls". When pressed on who her girls were, she named all of the girls in her class. She loves school and I am feeling more confident in my decision not to home school.

Grayson continues to uphold his newest nickname, "Rowdy". I can easily recount five incidents of him getting into the toilet in the last two days. He is regularly going through three outfits a day. I guess boys just get really dirty. I am looking forward to just putting him in his swimsuit first thing in the morning and hosing him off a few times throughout the day.

Spring has finally sprung here in St. Louis. We are glad and have been enjoying sitting on our new patio with neighbors in the evenings. I am waiting to get the patio furniture all set and promise to post some pictures. St. Louis folks, stop by and enjoy it with us. We are out there as much as possible.

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