Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NBA Superstar?

My hopes for Grayson to be an NBA superstar were momentarily dashed, when his pediatrician told me he would likely be 5' 10". On the way home, I remembered seeing a kid who was 5'8" do very well in a dunk contest. I think it was college ball. I have watched a lot of basketball in March. I will probably make it a year before more basketball madness. None the less, Grayson had his two year check up. I was not shocked to find out that he is totally normal. Besides a rash on his bum, nothing remarkable from the visit. He was 28.5 pounds and 34 inches tall. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. He had one shot which he watched the nurse give and shed no tears. He was rewarded with a cookie on the way out. It is always nice to visit the doctor for a good reason.


Andi said...

no tears?! that's one tough kiddo.

MHM said...

That's great to hear.