Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fly away

I am becoming tempted to fly south for the rest of the winter. It has not been a terrible winter, but it is pretty cold this week. When the temp. gauge in the car doesn't even show 20 degrees, you should not be out. Unfortunately, the children are growing and going to school and such. Now we have to leave. I used to just stay home in my pjs and drink coffee. Lillian and I would just entertain ourselves in the house for days. Those days went by too fast. Grayson looks so big all of the sudden with his new haircut and is chattering. He is repeating what we say. My current favorite is "See Ya".

We just got home from Bible study and it is cold. Really cold. When we stepped out of the church, it was snowing a little and picked up on the way home. As we arrived home, I noticed how quiet it was. My street has a lot of wonderful qualities, but quiet isn't on the top of the list. Somehow the snow makes things quiet. It makes this thing called winter beautiful. It reminds me of glitter because it kind of sparkles. After nine winters in St. Louis, the snow still amazes me. It reminds me of a phrase Peter often quotes that we are "glorious ruins". Everything looks or feeling so bleak and cold sometimes, but God is still sprinkling us with His grace and mercy.

At 9 p.m., my kids are asleep, my house is quiet, my husband should be home any minute and I am watching it snow. In truth, I don't want to fly away at all. There is no place I would rather be right now.


hunna said...

beatiful blog you wrote.

ashli said...

home is the best place.