Monday, December 04, 2006

Star Day

Today was Lillian's star day at school. This means she gets to be the line leader, special helper and most importantly bring something for show and tell. It is HUGE in preschool to have your star day. We have been talking and planning for it for a few days. Your parents can come to school, too. COOL! On Monday, Grayson goes to a mother's day out program and Lillian has school. So, we hopped up, got everyone dressed, made lunches and rushed off to school. I had wet hair yet again. It was so cold this morning that it froze. Freaky! I'll probably just stop showering before school for the winter because we all know I'll never have time to dry my hair. We pull into to the parking lot to find that it is empty. Strange.... Everyone knows we were barely making it on time. Apparently, the school still does not have power. Lillian was crying and very upset because it was her star day. To top it off, Grayson had school and she wanted to go with him. Poor girl. She was so sad. "This was my special day." We said well now it's your special day with mama and daddy all by yourself. She wasted no time. "Daddy, I'm really hungry. Can we go to a restaurant?" She's smart. I didn't waste any time jumping on that train either. I suggested the crepery. Peter wasn't sure, but I said "I know ya'll will love it." Lillian piped up, "What's the crappery?" Well, we went and no one thought the crepes tasted like that. They were wonderful and we got to sit, look out the snowing window and play I spy. Later in the day she went over to a friend's house to play. In the end, I think her day was pretty starry. And the star went to bed early because she was grumpy and tired in her new (to her) bunk bed. It will surely make the blog in no time. Grayson can already climb to the top bunk unassisted in less than 24 hours of having it. It is twin on top and full on the bottom. It is really great, but will no doubt led to an ER visit. At this point my money is on Grayson going. I have visions of Lillian putting a cape on him and him thinking he can jump to the bottom bunk like Superman or something. I'm thinking the little guy might really need that helmet for Christmas.


Andi said...

oh wow- are they both sleeping in the bunk bed??

Huna said...

When will she get to have her star day?