Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Not a whole lot to report from here. We are busy finishing up Lillian's school semester. She has a Christmas concert, tonight. We have had colds and I have napped two days in a row. This is very rare, but that medicine makes me feel so weird. Yesterday, Lillian was in and out of bed with me while I napped and then played in her room. A couple of hours after "naptime" I found a pile of hair in her art studio. The hair was all types and much to my dismay I discovered that she had cut the hair off of most of her dolls. She thought they looked beautiful. I didn't, but was mostly upset about the use of scissors without permission. Part of her discipline was me throwing away her scissors. I told her she didn't seem to be old enough to use them properly. "But, mama you are throwing away my life" was her response. She used this statement on Peter a couple of months ago, when he had to throw some paint away somehow that very funny story never made the blog. All in all I am glad about two things, Grayson had not fallen off the bunkbed yet and I will not be the only parent brought up in Lillian's future therapy sessions.


Maryhelen said...

Where does she get that so early in her life? :-) She is something else. She is loved.

Andi said...

i cut all the hair off my barbie dolls. and dyed it with food coloring. and pierced their ears & noses with my earrings!