Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back at It

You may have noticed that the blog looks a little different. Blogger made some changes. It took me a little while to catch up. That and the holiday have delayed blogging. I still haven't figured out how to add my flickr link back. I will in time. For now, click on a picture and it will take you to flickr. I have added lots of photos from Christmas with more to go. Enjoy! We spent Christmas at my Dad and Sara's in Louisiana. As always, we enjoyed a little time in the country. We came back armed with lots of new toys. Grayson is transportation central. Just about everything he received goes. He loves it! Lillian recieved lots of art stuff, some dolls and a black beauty horse. She is ready to start creating some masterpieces. As for me, lots of cooking stuff, so I have no excuse not to cook. I have made some new things since we returned and I am enjoying trying new recipes. Peter and the kids gave me a new digital camera for my birthday. I think everyone will be happy about that. I am hoping to take very good care of this one. So, I promise to post regularly in 2007. We are probably going to sleep in the New Year. We are just hanging out at home tonight and enjoying some T.V. Happy New Year!

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Genna said...

We snoozed through the New Year, but coffee and scones are making this first day of 2007 really terrific. So glad y'all got to hang out with M; I missed being there. This summer though, when BBQ arrives, we're planning to fly East. Happy New Year, Maynors! We love you!!