Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last words

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Turkey day. We plan to spend the day at Susan's eating way too much food. Peter and Susan have a football game planned post the meal. If you have never met Peter or Susan, you may not know that they are extremely competitive. I was always paired with Brian when we played games. I did ask Brian to write a note stating that I could no longer play games with them upon his death, since he was my all time partner. Unfortunately, he did not write the note. Don't think that I will forget to bring this up in eternity. Thankfully, I had just birthed Grayson at the last football game and Peter/Susan took on Andy/Amanda. Susan very nearly killed Andy. And Amanda is right up there with Peter and Susan on being competitive. I guess there is one in every couple. Don't get me wrong. I love to win, but I don't really care for football. After reveiwing the list of Thanksgiving attenders- unless I talk Max or Grayson into playing for me, I will be in the football game. Peter casually mentioned that he would probably pick Susan for his team. (Jerk!) I wanted to leave you all with a couple of words in case they are my last.... Feel free to wear jeans to my funeral. I hope to, assuming they fit after everything I eat tomorrow.

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A&A Maynor said...

We missed the game this year, but I have been making Andrew do drills so that we will both be ready for next year! Ha Ha Ha!