Monday, October 23, 2006

So sorry

At 7:45 (FYI: School starts at 8:15 and it takes 10 minutes to get there. Not to mention that Grayson goes on Monday, too. We were late. No, I didn't shower.) , I opened my eyes to....
L: Mama, I am so, so sorry.
M: What did you do?
L: I was so, so hungry for bug cookies with flowers.
M: What did you eat? (Very horrible things were crossing my mind.)
L: Mama, I got a stool (bar stool) out and got the cookies off the top of the frig.
M: How many did you eat?
She holds up all of her fingers. At least this didn't require a call to poison control which is progress. So they are both at school and I am looking for a new hiding place.

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tirzah said...

She is just not afraid.