Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Treasures of the darkness...

I am going to attempt to attend a Bible study on Wednesday nights. The children will go with me and have to stay up past bedtime for me to go. Those of you who know me at all know that I am psycho about bedtime. Therefore, my children rarely see the dark. They go to bed at six and seven. Poor Grayson had a rough day and didn't make it tonight. He slept at a neighbor's house. Lillian and I walked out of the church about 8 p.m.

L: Wow, mama I can hardly see because it is dark. It is finally dark. Look at the stars. I see lots of stars and the windows look really neat. I can see lights in the windows. I need a flashlight. And there are lights in the ground shining on the buildings.

We talked about how beautiful the world is at night and how it looks really different. And because I hadn't run around giving them dinner and a bath right before bedtime, I got in bed with Lillian for a while. I tickled her back for longer than 30 seconds and we talked in the dark. I thought about a lady in the Bible study who said her daughter just moved to the West coast for graduate school. Lillian will be going her own way in the blink of an eye and I won't be able to lay here in the dark with her. And the million things that I think I should get up and do will still be there. The darkness was my treasure with Lillian.

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Maryhelen said...

A very special time for you -- and her.