Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I had this amazing, wonderful, heart-breaking conversation with Lillian this afternoon. Susan called and invited us to come over to play. I told Lillian we were going over. She immediately responded, "Is Uncle Brian there?" (as if it was just as likely for him to be there as not) Hence, the following conversation...
M: Lillian, did you think Uncle Brian was going to be there?
L: Yes, I did.
M: Sweetie, why did you think he might be there, today.
L: Because during my rest time I was talking to God about it and asked him to give Uncle Brian back to us. I told him we would all say, Hurray!
I cried, well sobbed then I did my best to explain that death is final. I tried to tell her how happy Uncle Brian was in heaven. Death is so permanent.


m. said...

Thanks, Melanie.

Love, Susan

Christine Gordon said...

Can I just say that I think from what I've heard so far, Lillian is a far better intercessor for those she loves than I am?

tirzah said...

Mel from what I have seen so far about Lillian and Grayson's world is that they are not going to be caught unaware by the things that matter. You and Peter have been brave and couragous with the truth towards your kids and it shows.