Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Our cabinets came in today. They look fabulous stacked in cardboard boxes in the garage. We did take a peek and they look great so far. We had a minor set back and more of the ceiling had to come down last night. This problem has been just about fixed and we hope to hang drywall Friday and Saturday. Floors will be happening next week and then cabinets. Peter had to work last night and prayer group had to be moved from my house because it was too loud. Also, plaster dust was billowing into my living room and dining room. Nice! Our friends Jeremy and Alexis were doing the work. I offered to help and finally moved up from sandwich maker to laborer. I got to sweep and hand things to Alexis for about three hours. I was thrilled. I am finally helping with the kitchen. Peter is doing some work and even got back on a ladder to work on the vent for the hood. He will be installing it this week. The range hood arrives Friday and the range has been ordered. Plumbing and electricity are ready to go. As you can tell, we are very excited and having lots of fun. If you live in St. Louis, stop by and take a peek.

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