Monday, June 19, 2006

Pancake Man

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day this year. Briggs spent the night with us Saturday night and joined in the festivities. Like all exciting days, it started early. The children woke up at 5:45 a.m. I have no idea why. We played for a while and let Peter "sleep in" (7 a.m.) I remember when 7 a.m. used to be early. Now I would do anything to sleep until 7 on a regular basis. Back to Father's Day, we got Peter a griddler. Apparently, Bill (Peter's dad) used to cook pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. on a griddle and Peter has lots of fond memories of breakfast cooked by dad on the griddle. He has wanted one since we had Lillian. We decided this was the year. We picked on out one that opens up flat to be a griddle and also doubles as a panini maker. Peter made perfect pancakes for the family, yesterday. We then had panini sandwiches for lunch. All and all, it was a very fun day. I will leave you with a quote from the day.

As we sat down to eat lunch, Peter said, "Okay family, why don't you each tell me your favorite things about me." Comments like that make Peter a very lovable guy. He did make us participate in this activity.

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