Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mama, on vomit

Today is my mama's birthday. Since she she died, I use this as a day to celebrate her and remember her life. After Lillian was born, we started doing something special to celebrate. We usually go somewhere and often make a cake. The cake was out this year because of the lack of a kitchen. Last night, Grayson started puking and all plans for something fun were halted. He has thrown up all over me at least three times, now. I have been required to change everything that I had on all three times including undergarments.
Yesterday, during the kids' naps I had been trying to decide what to do for mama's birthday. Mama had been on my mind. When I went to get Grayson up, I discovered he had vomited all over himself and all of his bedding. I cleaned him up, then started on the bedding. My side kick, Lillian, thought the whole event was very cool. I was gaging. I was suddenly flooded with a memory of my mother disappearing when we threw up and my dad appearing. She never said she couldn't deal with it, but she disappeared for the event and reappeared to love on us when it was over. It wasn't until I was in college that I realized she couldn't handle vomit. Unfortunately, Peter was not here to stand in for me.
This afternoon, we thought things were on the upswing and decided to walk to the ice cream shop to celebrate. We thought the ride might be nice for Grayson. He puked everywhere. We all feel a little sick now, but a total of three vomiting incidents in an hour isn't good for even the best stomach.
In the past, I have tried to do something that I would have liked to do with mama to celebrate her birthday. Eat cake, go to the butterfly house, etc. I think if mama were here I would have liked to be a mama and hang out with a sick kid with her, today. Or at least call her and laugh about all of the vomiting incidents. Grayson being sick reminding me of very sweet memories of mama taking care of me when I was sick.

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